News from the Board

Summer is here and the plants are growing. We welcome our new Board members;
Dante Davoli- President
Laura Morris- Vice President
Terri MacKenzie- Secretary
Lee Ann Hubbard- Treasurer
Roads Trustee- Steven Purchiaroni 
Joyce Scott- Trustee
Doug Hamann- Trustee
Diane Russell- Trustee
Genevieve Purchiaroni- Alternate
Alexandra Rancont- Alternate

Homeowner participation is greatly appreciated in keeping our association dues low. Road encroachments are a common occurance impeding our ability to maintain roadways. 

Out of control landscapes, trees, rocks and fences and other obstructions in our roadways and common park areas is an increasing concern. Our park areas are for all residents use. leaving personal property on them is not being courteous to others. 

Association board members will be addressing some of these issues with homeowners in the coming days. Board members will be communicating via emails, letters or of course at our monthly meetings.  Which are the second Tuesday of every month from April through October at 6:30 pm. At the Association Hall on Superior Drive.