About Us

Island and Fonda Lake neighborhood has about 220 homes on 5 miles of roads that was developed in 1927.  Island and Fond lakes are both an all sports lake and a great place to make friends.  Neighborhood assets include several easements and a boat launch on both Lakes, as well as a swimming beach on Island Lake, all for members only.


Send email to board.iandfle@gmail.com for any correspondence to the board of the association.
Mail all correspondence to : Island & Fonda Lakes Association P.O. Box 1242 Brighton, Mi 48116


The Association Hall is located at 6256 Superior Rd, Brighton Mi 48116.

Association Meetings

The association meeting are at 6:30 PM on the second Tuesday of every month from April to September in the association hall.  Due to cold weather and no working heat in the hall, association meetings are suspended during winter.
Some times it is necessary to schedule a monthly meeting during the cold months and it is normally at one of the board members home.